Heart Attack During Exercise Causes


Heart Attack During Exercise Causes

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Are we really abusing our body in the pursuit of health?

Recent tragic demise of a young celebrity certainly shocked the nation.

However this incident raised many issues in the media that caused a lot of confusion/anxiety among young individuals.

Following few comments are frequently seen in last few days :

  1. Young heart attacks?
  2. Death during exercise/in the gym?
  3. Too much exercise-stop doing exercise?
  4. Family history of heart disease?

First we need to understand everyone is different (regarding risk profile for sudden cardiac deaths) and try not to extrapolate one event with all our lives.

There is no doubt that we all need to do physical activity that makes us feel slightly shortness of breath and also increases heart rate.

What level of heart rate to aim for: 50-80% of MPHR (Maximum predicted heart rate=220- age) depending on individual age and associated health conditions.

Adequate hydration is important during workouts.

Avoid workouts for 2-4weeks when recovering from viral infections including COVID (as inflammation of the heart cannot be ruled out).

Any form of chest pain or blackout during physical activity should not be ignored and needs emergency medical attention.

Certainly those who have family history (i.e. under 55years, that includes first degree relatives only) of heart disease at young age needs basic cardiac evaluation irrespective of symptoms.

In summary moderation is the mantra.